The Avon Femboy Association Banner, with Clifton Suspension Bridge in the Background, an outline of a feminine character, and the logo text.

Welcome to the Avon Femboy Association~!

We're a group of femboys from Avon county, gathered in a discord server, hosting in person femboy meetups. Femboy culture is one which has grown over many recent years, but has been almost exclusively online due to being outcast by society, seeing it as strange or unusual. Different people have different reasons for embracing femboy culture, but what most can agree on is that it's essentially focused on letting men wear feminine clothes, because why not? Why restrict these styles of clothes to just women? To put it bluntly, why aren't men allowed to look cute too?

Our goal is to bring together the femboy community of southwest England to allow people to not only enjoy the art of crossdressing through the internet, as they likely always have, but to crossdress in real life with friends who do the same!!

Tyler - President

Discord: @spitfiremk2b

Pans - Vice President
Discord: @pansthecatboy

Harry - Director
Discord: @theblacksquidward